Enjoy one of the best lounges in Canada!

"Lolita's Lounge" is a hidden gem in the heart of the historic neighborhood of Inglewood in Calgary, Alberta. It features some of Calgary's most unique and enjoyable entertainment.The Lounge is a "gentlemen's club" in the traditional sense, but its staff and management have been very carefully chosen to reflect the changing attitude toward strip clubs both in Calgary and throughout North America. In that regard, Lolita's is topless-optional rather than full nudity.

Lolita's has a wide range of live entertainment seven days a week with some evenings featuring several different forms of dance, music or comedy. When you visit be sure to check out our event calendar so you don't miss any of these great shows! The talent we present at Lolita's are among the most talented variety performers anywhere in North America today.

The lounge itself is an intimate space with great acoustics and a full liquor outlet staffed by some of the best talent in Alberta. A visit here is always an enjoyable experience and we hope you'll come see us again soon!

Lolita's Lounge is going back to its roots, sans nudity. It used to be Canada's only "no touch" strip club - where women danced fully clothed, but it changed about five years ago when more conventional burlesque clubs started popping up around town offering naked dancing on stage, pole dancing and even lap dances. But a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision has forced Calgary's last no-nudes strip club to rework its business plan again, and the result is dance nights featuring fully clothed performers - because customers can't touch or be touched by anyone under 18 years of age."

We want to offer another form of progressive entertainment that could be appealing to many people who normally would not visit a strip club," says Lolita's general manager.

The Go Topless Burlesque Party, which will run on Saturdays from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m., will include go-go dancers, stilt walkers and fire spinners as part of a "heightened sensory experience" with music provided by local DJs spinning pop,rock and R&B tunes.

It will not have any nudity," - says the manager, who formerly ran a number of Calgary strip clubs, including The Penthouse Club and Ooh La La before opening Lolita's in 2003.

Every venue has rules - so does Lolita's. There will be no touching whatsoever," he adds. "In fact when we have dancers on the floor it would be very difficult for patrons to even get near them."

Lolita's has been in business 18 years, but opened as an unofficial offshoot of The Penthouse Club about 15 years ago during the height of the oil boom when thousands of transient male oil workers were helping push up demand for female companionship at various bars and nightclubs around the city.

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Lolita's was named after the protagonist of Vladimir Nabokov's 1955 novel of a man's obsession with an underage girl.. The only way you could visit Lolita's at that time was to become a member, which cost $150 per year. It was not until 2003 when Calgary changed its liquor licensing rules did it officially open up as a strip club without touching or lap dancing available for customers. "Now there are many places where men can go to see fully nude women dance," says the manager, who also runs two Asian spas in south Calgary. "There are more options now”.

As for his next move? "I am considering opening another place but I have not worked out all the details yet," - he adds.