Calgary's Most Unique Vacation Spot

This luxurious venue is located in the center of the famous Inglewood District in Calgary, Alberta. This place will give you a special experience of fun and entertainment thanks to specific and talented performers. You will enjoy the aesthetics of Carly's Angle's popular, rousing yet sophisticated drag show. You'll discover lounge classics thanks to Billy Schmidt and the RPM Band. It's a unique place where everyone will find something close to their heart. This is what makes the night unforgettable, just like in the movies.

Entertainment for Everyone

Our club brings together the most interesting people, including true foodies, charismatic actors, dexterous bartenders, talented singers, unique musicians, and avid gamblers who prefer to brighten up their evenings with adrenaline through , delighting themselves with new winnings.

More About The Show

If you've never heard of drag shows, you should check out the charming Carly's Angels. It's a humorous show with a gorgeous and daring female impersonation that combines live music and colourful, glittery costumes. This kind of performance has had great popularity for a very long time, that visitors book tickets in advance to attend the show again and experience that charisma and epatage. The average ticket price is $54, which includes goods and services tax and service fees. We recommend that you make reservations in advance (4-8 weeks before the show) for about 8 people. Please note that you cannot get a refund on a refundable ticket. Also, you will not be able to reschedule, so make sure you coordinate all the details. By being there, you'll discover an evening of jazz that's sure to please music lovers. While relaxing in good company, you'll discover new artists and their melodic tunes. Perhaps one of the great "achievements" of jazz is the powerful spiritual power it possesses! We realize that jazz helps people get rid of their moral shortcomings, which in turn leads to the next stage of personal development - serenity. Under this concept, we can mean many things, but it is worth highlighting such factors as moral stability and a prevailing positive attitude.

Great Atmosphere

This gem will give you an atmosphere of coziness and comfort thanks to its stylish and classic interior. This is what is memorable for our customers, who are thrilled to come out of another 1940s-style performance. The vintage establishment also doesn't leave its visitors hungry. You can find out more about the assortment of dishes in the "Menus" section. So, you can always enjoy delicious food and drinks while watching the entertainment. This is a place you want to come back to because its beauty fascinates everyone who wants to have a good time. We're sure you'll enjoy the music and the funny jokes and scenes, not just because of the colorful makeup, but because of the stirring energy and great acting of the characters. Night is a time for rest and leisure. And there is even a special contingent of people who do not sleep at night, and rest in their own way. It is for this category of citizens that nightclubs mainly work. In addition to music and delicious food, it's a great time to make new acquaintances: for some fleeting, for some - turning over a lifetime.